8 days on horse (10 days/9 nights)

DAY 1: TRANSFER IN to San Pedro. Night in a B&B and dinner in a San Pedro restaurant


We go to Vilama Oasis and up the Vilama river bed. We deviate up East, by a valley full of pingo-pingo bushes. We have the Andes Mountains in front of us. A valley appears, Guatin, small oasis where alfalfa grows, and where 3 people live, whith a big troop of goats. Around, lots of cacti grow on the hills. We camp near the Puritama River, where you even can have a bath.




We go down direction to Gatchi Mountains to join the small canyon of Calar, where the Vilama River is, and where the shepherds built a “house” (local “estancia”). Bath possibility. We cross Vilama River and arrive to the Petroglyphs Corral, archeological resting shepherds’ corral where some figures in the stone are drawn. We go down to the plain by a small track and camp in a sandy valley on the foot of the cliff.



We visit Quitor Pukara, which is a pre-Inca fortress, conquested by Spanish, at the entrance of San Pedro river valley. We go up the contrasted (green and reddish) river canyon. We deviate into a narrow canyon, the Devil’s Throat, which goes zigzagging inside salt Chain. We go up by a canyon, and down by another to arrive to Catarpe Oasis, on San Pedro River. We continue north and cross Cuchaorache Oasis. Further, we join camping place, near the Rio Salado. You will be able to see and admire one of the most important rock art places of the region.


After a big esplanade where the sight to the Andes Mountains is beautiful, we take a canyon leading us to Coca Stone, ceremonial stone of local Indians traveling between ocean and mountains. Some rock art there. Their track was used a lot of years after (end of XIXth, beginning of XXth century) by cattle and their local “cow boys”. We will follow their tracks which lead us up to a cliff. We go to San Pedro all along the border of that cliff, from where you can see all San Pedro plain, Salt Flat, Andes, down to the Salt Chain crests. The view is really amazing. We go down to the plain by the dunes and the Death Valley canyon. Dinner in a San Pedro restaurant and night in a B&B.

DAY 6:  Free morning to visit the village.

Lunch in a San Pedro restaurant.

In the afternoon, by horse. SAN PEDRO – BETER

We visit the Solor Oasis, where local people grow alfalfa, corn and also some fruits. We cross the desert south and visit the Beter Village ruins, dating from colonial times and almost all covered by dunes. Like savanna landscape. We camp near the village.


We continue south, where the immensity is flat, and where the ground crackles on our feet: the Salt Flat. We go first to Tebinquinche Lakes. Two sweet water eyes and a blue salted lake. It is a very solitarian landscape. Then, we join Céjar Lake, turquoise, surrounded by golden herbs. We camp there. Wonderful sunset on the Andes Mountains. Sometimes some flamingoes fly over the lakes, especially in the morning.



After we let the Salt Flat, we pass by the oasis of Béter and the ancient colonial village covered by dunes, cross to Coyo Oasis by a undulated landscape and have pique-nique under the trees. Then, we go direction to Salt Chain back Tulor Oasis and enter in an almost virgin, deeply beautiful and changing Valley: Lunatic Valley. We cross it and camp in an ancient salt mine, in a wonderful landscape.



After crossing the entire Valley to “Llano de la Paciencia” we go north by that plain and make for Salt Chain again by west side. Once on the foot of that chain, we enter in one of the most renowned sites: Moon Valley. But not a lot of people are there in the morning… We cross the most open part of the Moon Valley, see the Tres Marías natural sculptures, stop at the main big dune, take the wide esplanade at the front of big dune, go up a little dune and ride into a maze of canyons. We go out this labyrinth into a wide canyon: Kari, which will lead us to sand dunes by a series of tangled small valleys. Up and down dune to join San Pedro plain and village

sand dunes by a series of tangled small valleys. Down dune to join San Pedro plain and village. Night in B&B and dinner in restaurant.

DAY 10 : TRANFER OUT to Calama airport.

This program includes : the indicated transfers, the indicated B&B nights, the indicated lunch or dinners, the entrances fees to the protected sites, camping material (tents and sleeping bags), mineral water during the ride, the food during the ride (box lunch during the day, hot dinner at night around a fire place, and breakfast).

It doesn’t include : an insurance, other activities, a Guide in English

Its price : Ask us