1 Day Horse Riding

Moon Valley


We take to the south by main Oasis and go out to the wide open plain desert. We cross it to the Salt Chain to enter in the much known Moon Valley, amazing geological site, with sand, clay, gypsum, salt… We turn the big esplanade in front of Main Dune to arrive to a very privileged view on the Moon Valley main area. We pass through a small dune and, after the pique-nique, we get into a maze of small canyons which zigzag into the heart of Salt Chain. Adventure and nude rocks, sharp as knives are for the afternoon. We arrive into a big canyon, Quebrada Honda de Kari. We come by the bottom of that canyon direction to San Pedro Plain. Other canyons and up and deeply down dunes. We are back to the plain and its historical Village.

Coca Stone


We go north and pass at the foot Pukara de Quitor pre inca fortress. We enter in San Pedro River canyon, deviate from it by a track then a cattle track, Paso de los Toros, hand open at the end of XIXth century. The landscape opens itself. We go downhill by small canyons, part of this ancient cattle track and arrive to Coca Stone. It’s an Atacamenian Indians’ ceremonial stone. You will be able to observe spitted coca leaves on the stone as well as rock art. After the picnic, we go up again and arrive at the top of the cliff, come back by its border. Fascinating view from the upper place, above Salt Chain crests, san Pedro plain, Salt Flat, in front of big Andes Mountains. We go down huge dunes, join Death Valley canyon and back to San Pedro.

Thousand stars night : 1 afternoon ride, 1 bivouac, 1 morning ride


We go after mid day to the Quitor Oasis, north, pass at the foot of Pukara de Quitor pre-inca fortress and go to the Salt Chain. We take Time Valley canyon, at the foot of the Salt Chain, go out to the plain and wide desert, cross the main oasis West to East, take a piece of desert again and arrive at Beter Oasis where we camp. Dinner around the fire.

On the other day, after breakfast, we take to Beter village, ancient colonial village the sand dunes passed over (so really ruined village), cross a undulating landscape to arrive at Tulor archeological protected village we visit. We come back to San Pedro by Coyo Oasis, then Main Oasis South to North and arrive around mid-day.