2 Days Horse Riding, Desert Introduction

2 days ride with camp

day 1



We go north by the upper Valley of San Pedro river. We pass on the foot of Pukará de Quitor, pre-Inca fortress, and enter in the river canyon, which crosses the salt chain. It is a beautiful contrasted canyon. We deviate from this canyon by a track, then an ancient cattle track (Paso de los Toros) which zigzags on the cliff and arrive at the top of the cliff. We take the path along the cliff, with a wonderful amazing dominating view over the salt chain, on the San Pedro plain and Atacama Salt Flat and with the Andes Mountains as back stage. We go down huge dunes back Death Valley canyon, come back to the plain by Death Valley and take Time Valley canyon at the foot of the Salt Chain. We cross to the main Oasis west to east and the desert to access to Beter ancient colonial village, covered by dunes, and camp near by.

day 2



After passing through Coyo oasis, we make for Salt Chain. Once on the foot of that chain, we enter in one of the most renowned sites: Moon Valley. But not a lot of people are there in the morning… We deviate from the classical track up dunes take a small col, to go up a little dune and have a privileged view on the Moon Valley Big Dune. We enter into a maze of canyons. We go out this labyrinth into a wide canyon: Quebrada Honda de Kari, which will lead us to sand dunes by a series of tangled small valleys. We go down dunes to join San Pedro plain and village.

This program includes: water during the ride, foods (picnics, dinner and breakfast), camping material, entrance fees, a vehicle which brings your things for the night, and all the material we need for the camp and the horses.

It doesn’t include: English guide and an insurance.