Some specifications and advices:

  • The short rides (until 4 hours) are accessible to any rider, even beginners.
  • For longer rides, a good physical condition is requested, as well as some autonomy such as getting on and down the horse. For several days’ rides, we require riders to participate in horse preparation, such as saddle or unsaddle the horse, also arm and disarm tent. We go down the horse for the technical difficulties which justifies we accept beginners.

To ride, you will need:

  • Basic clothes: Long trousers, closed shoes, long and light sleeves (shirt or t-shirt) against the sun, big brim hat with a lace, sun protection (minimum 30), sunglasses.
  • Practical accessories: Equitation pants, proper half chaps, banana to take your camera (do not take a backpack). In winter, fleece, wind cut, warm jacket, gloves and wooly hat. For camping, Swiss army knife, flashlight, wet towels.

Our Material:

  • We have Chilean saddles, comfortable, with sheep wool, English stirrups you can regulate and where any shoe fit.
  • Each horse carries saddle bags, so you don’t need a back pack (absolutely discouraged)
  • For several days’ rides, we have tents, isolating mattress and sleeping bags.We cook with wood fire, like true cow-boys!!!
  • We lend equitation helmets and half-chaps.
  • Not all the rides are possible anytime. Ask us.