who are we?

Rancho cactus was born from an friendship between men and women, who, coming from different places, have found in this activity the excuse to make roots and share our passion for horses and adventure, in the few tourist village of the 90ies.We first work quite informally. But in 1996, we decide to work more seriously, dedicate ourselves 100% to horseback tourism and we opened an original reception place in the village.


With his mysterious age, he is the big boss and… the main worker! He busies himself with the horses’ cares: material, hay, water, etc. His lifelong passion is the music. If you are a musician, you will be welcome to share this international language (the only one Farolo can deal with!)


French woman, Farolo’s wife and his personal secretary. In the Rancho Cactus, she is the public relations manager. Her lifelong passion is Spanish Language she speak (almost!) as a Chilean. Her Spanish studies brought her to this area. She met Farolo with the music and goes on singing with him!!!

She is the French “chef” who will prepare the succulent dishes you’ll eat if you go camping. In the Café/Tea saloon, open in the Rancho Cactus, you’ll be able to take a good breakfast or lunch before going to ride or have a rest after all and savour the delicacies (Tea in teapot, expresso café, natural juices, homemade ice creams, sandwiches, salads, pancakes….)